We’re behind the scenes at the 2018 XXL™ Eyewear photoshoot. In styling this shoot, we considered the XXL™ man and his lifestyle. We considered questions: Who is? What does he do for a living? What activities does he enjoy on a day off?

The XXL™ man needs versatile frames and attire that can carry him from the office to the streets and the field. With a mix of eyewear styles and a myriad of wearable color and durable materials, we took our XXL™ model – a local firefighter, to the outdoors.

Modern Sophistication. Smart Casual. Athleisure. No matter the overall look, wearable color and sleek masculine lines took center field. Paired with titanium, acetate, combination, and semi-rimless ophthalmic styles, and the new XXL™ Clip-on collection, the XXL™ man has an edge over his competition. 

Premium quality eyewear engineered for the man with special fit needs.  XXL™ Eyewear features classic, athletic, and uptown styling. All frames have longer temples to match the ample head space in eye sizes 55-63.

Featured frame style with matching polarized magnetic clip-on: Manning.

To view more behind the scenes photos, click here.

Practice Tactics: Integrate Lifestyle Into Your Eyewear Displays

The buzz word ‘merchandising’ is heard often in the retail industry. Merchandising is an effective way to catch a buyer’s eye and even influence purchase behavior. Dispensaries should tell a story and romance product through frame displays. Through display life styling and merchandising, dispensaries can provide customers with examples on how the product will fit their life, emphasize frame attributes that fit the activity and usefulness and illustrate how to accessorize to complete a ‘fashion look’.

How can you achieve this in a cost effective way?

  • Utilize photos which reinforce the frames lifestyle story.

  • Incorporate props and cross-merchandise product. Look around your house for items that you can use to create an interesting brand story.


    This Cruz merchandising display (left) features titanium (gunmetal) styles with rubber materials found at a home improvement store. The rubber emulates the masculine collection while enhancing the sophisticated titanium eyewear.

    This Alexander Collection display (right) features a black/white color story with a pop of rose for an elegant and sophisticated story inspired by hat boxes. A lifestyle image pulls the display together.

  • Feature a few frames with fashion accessories to emulate a particular style or hottest trend or color(s) of the season.

    This Cremieux display features vignettes of color stories and frame shapes as well as a Cremieux fashion apparel piece: a scarf. Alternate apparel to consider are a pair of men’s shoes, a belt, or tie.

  • Use of mannequins or forms: Display forms add an additional dimension of interest to display areas. With forms you can illustrate an entire look or fashion story which coordinates with the eyewear.  Everyone relates to the human factor in life.

  • Consider the breakdown of different lifestyle categories: Are the frames for school? Work (computer frames?) Casual weekend fun (athleisure styles)? A night out (dressy styles)? With an answer in mind, stage the frames according to the appropriate lifestyle.

There is no lack of innovative and eye catching inspiration around us. Happy merchandising!