Apple of Our Eye

Today is NATIONAL APPLE DAY. Apples have many health benefits. As the age old saying goes: “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” Apples are both nutritious and filling. The fruit is good for weight loss; good for your heart; and can lower the risk of stroke among other health benefits. Apples are also good for your eyes. Antioxidants and pectin help reduce inflammation and LDL cholesterol levels. Cholesterol can build up in the blood vessels of your retina and pose a risk of damage to the eye. Studies have shown that apples make the eyes stronger by improving eyesight as well as aiding in night blindness. They are rich in flavonoid compounds and antioxidant phytonutrients, which reduce the impact of free radicals on the eyes.

Whether you pick your own at an orchard or shop at the local store, there are a myriad of color and flavor options. What are your favorite apple dishes? Savory or Sweet?

Check out Delish for Easy Apple Recipes.


Behind the Scenes: XXL Eyewear Photoshoot

Before the world shut down to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we ventured outside to photograph the 2020 XXL™ Eyewear collection. After some location scouting, the Kimbell Museum of Art in Ft. Worth, Texas, a building known for its modern architecture, was selected to feature the XXL man in his element. The iconic building featured a mix of industrial concrete; and sleek, modern glass and metal architectural details. The barrel vaulted ceilings of the museum’s grounds and the fountain also served as backgrounds.

The Looks? Versatile fashion choices paired with uptown and titanium XXL™ Eyewear styles were on point.

Smart Casual: Layered pieces are a home run for the cooling temps of Fall. Combination 2-for-1 clip-on style Jeter is complemented by a grey field jacket and heather grey long sleeve Henley tee. Black jeans and boots complete the look.

Featured frame style with matching polarized magnetic clip-on: Jeter. The combination eyewear combines materials for sleek and modern appeal.

Party Attire: The XXL man is ready for a night on the town sporting fashion standout piece, the bomber jacket. Paired with a black tee, jeans and sophisticated titanium Loper.

Featured titanium frame style: Loper. Lightweight construction with a refined design.Loper appeals both on a comfort and fashion level.

Formal Affair: Dressed to impress in uptown style Geoduck paired with a grey wool suit and white shirt.

Featured frame style: Geoduck. Geoduck makes an impression with a two-tone color scheme and edgy appeal.

That's a wrap. A&A Optical Product Development Manager: Joshua Vickery; Talent: TJ Borcky; Stand-in Talent: Robert Liener, A&A Optical President/CEO; Photography: Sergio Garcia; HMU: Ricky Flores.

Premium quality eyewear engineered for the man with special fit needs.  XXL™ Eyewear features classic, athletic, and uptown styling. All frames have longer temples to match the ample head space in eye sizes 55-63.




A+ Styles Voted Most Likely to Appeal to Kids and Parents

Though the temperatures are scorching and summer is still in full swing, school is around the corner. Parents are starting to schedule the back to school check-ups in hopes of a successful school year. After all, vision is directly related to the ability to learn. Check out these A+ Styles for back to school that will appeal to parents' sensibilities and kids' love of color. 


Kids love color. Eyewear with a pop of vibrant color and whimsical patterns is fundamental. Racing stripes, plaid, paisley or tropical prints, the options are plentiful.

Styles: Crocs™ Eyewear JR078, Pez® P155

Fit. Proper fit and comfort is important to both kids and parents. Lightweight and adjustable eyewear. Acetate styles with spring hinges and metal styles with silicone rubber temples and adjustable nose pads.

Styles: Crocs™ Eyewear JR077

Style. Classic shapes with modern details are designed with kids in mind.

Style: Pez® P152

Kids will play, run, and ‘wear’ their eyewear. Durability is key. Parents will appreciate this selling point: All Pez® Eyewear carries a No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty. Crocs™ Eyewear carries a two year warranty.




Competitive Edge: XXL Eyewear

We’re behind the scenes at the 2018 XXL™ Eyewear photoshoot. In styling this shoot, we considered the XXL™ man and his lifestyle. We considered questions: Who is? What does he do for a living? What activities does he enjoy on a day off?

The XXL™ man needs versatile frames and attire that can carry him from the office to the streets and the field. With a mix of eyewear styles and a myriad of wearable color and durable materials, we took our XXL™ model – a local firefighter, to the outdoors.

Modern Sophistication. Smart Casual. Athleisure. No matter the overall look, wearable color and sleek masculine lines took center field. Paired with titanium, acetate, combination, and semi-rimless ophthalmic styles, and the new XXL™ Clip-on collection, the XXL™ man has an edge over his competition. 

Premium quality eyewear engineered for the man with special fit needs.  XXL™ Eyewear features classic, athletic, and uptown styling. All frames have longer temples to match the ample head space in eye sizes 55-63.

Featured frame style with matching polarized magnetic clip-on: Manning.

To view more behind the scenes photos, click here.




Practice Tactics: Integrate Lifestyle Into Your Eyewear Displays

The buzz word ‘merchandising’ is heard often in the retail industry. Merchandising is an effective way to catch a buyer’s eye and even influence purchase behavior. Dispensaries should tell a story and romance product through frame displays. Through display life styling and merchandising, dispensaries can provide customers with examples on how the product will fit their life, emphasize frame attributes that fit the activity and usefulness and illustrate how to accessorize to complete a ‘fashion look’.

How can you achieve this in a cost effective way?

  • Utilize photos which reinforce the frames lifestyle story.

Incorporate props and cross-merchandise product. Look around your house for items that you can use to create an interesting brand story.


This Cruz merchandising display (left) features titanium (gunmetal) styles with rubber materials found at a home improvement store. The rubber emulates the masculine collection while enhancing the sophisticated titanium eyewear.

This Alexander Collection display (right) features a black/white color story with a pop of rose for an elegant and sophisticated story inspired by hat boxes. A lifestyle image pulls the display together.


  • Feature a few frames with fashion accessories to emulate a particular style or hottest trend or color(s) of the season.

    This Cremieux display features vignettes of color stories and frame shapes as well as a Cremieux fashion apparel piece: a scarf. Alternate apparel to consider are a pair of men’s shoes, a belt, or tie.

  • Use of mannequins or forms: Display forms add an additional dimension of interest to display areas. With forms you can illustrate an entire look or fashion story which coordinates with the eyewear.  Everyone relates to the human factor in life.

  • Consider the breakdown of different lifestyle categories: Are the frames for school? Work (computer frames?) Casual weekend fun (athleisure styles)? A night out (dressy styles)? With an answer in mind, stage the frames according to the appropriate lifestyle.

There is no lack of innovative and eye catching inspiration around us. Happy merchandising!


The Perfect Fit

We’re behind the scenes at the 2017 Alexander Collection™ photoshoot. In styling this shoot, we tapped into the latest fashion trends as it complements the newest eyewear designs. What’s on the agenda? Rich color stories, feminine details, and delicate lace. The slated eyewear feature Swarovski crystal accents, stone inlays and laser etching in wearable colors for a sophisticated and elegant 2017 eyewear collection.

This year’s shoot focused on eyewear fit by showcasing stunning Temple, a plus size model, in Perfect Fit Alexander Collection™ eyewear. With balanced features, high cheekbones and sparkling blue eyes, Temple was a perfect fit for the eyewear.

The Eyewear and Fashion

Lace, a fashionable and flattering material that is no longer reserved for tablecloths or lingerie can be worn day or evening. A white lace top pairs well with rich brown, magenta and emerald green eyewear styles like: Brianne and Celeste. For a sophisticated evening look, this black lace sheath dress complements black metal (Doreen, Gretchen, Hadley) and wearable wine hued acetate styles (Celeste, Brianne) beautifully.

A subtle feminine bow, this curve hugging navy sheath dress enhances the feminine details of complimentary and analogous colored frames. Suggested pairings: navy (Gretchen), emerald (Doreen) and tortoise hued eyewear styles.

Reveal inner grace and sophistication in eyewear inspired by the woman who adorns herself with rich color and style, whether understated or dramatic. Alexander Collection™offers fine hand crafted details, such as Swarovski crystal accents, metal inlays, and delicate laser etching in acetate, metal, semi-rimless and combination frame styles. Alexander Collection™ is designed to complement woman of all face shapes. Petite, regular fit and perfect styles are available in eye sizes 47 to 57 mm.